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Diversion Safes

What is a Diversion Safe?

Diversion safes offer a new age, one-of-its kind way to conceal valuable goods by imitating everyday objects, which makes them perfect for hiding things like jewelry, important papers, cash, and other valuable goods. You could easily mistake them for books, bottles, aerosols, or any other ordinary object, giving you an easy way to store and protect your valu­able goods in plain view. For example, cash can be hidden in soda cans, spare keys to the house can be kept in a fake rock, jewels can be put into what looks like a hard cover books, and USB sticks can be hidden in different containers.

What is the Difference Between Diversion Safes and Hidden Safes?

When it concerns safeguarding your belongings, you can choose between a diversion safe and a hidden safe. A diversion safe is an imitation and intended to resemble another thing while concealing your valuables. An hidden safe is not meant to be seen while protecting your belongings. In other words, a diversion safe relies on transparency with the safe in plain view, while a hidden safe relies on secrecy.

Things to Consider When Buying a Diversion Safe

Just like your items, diversion safes come in all shapes and sizes. You won’t be able to hide your prized signed baseball cards in a soda safe but you just may with a larger safe. One other consideration is where the diversion safe would be located. Hidden safes are often found inside other objects or even under them so they’re not obvious from outside but aren’t fully concealed either even further making its hiding spot look more convincing and leaving thieves none the wiser. You’ll often hear of hiding your safe place from view by placing them inside pantries, on a bookshelf, or underneath the bed to name a few.

Time is of Importance

Burglars usually take approximately eight to ten minutes to break into a house and look for valuables to rob. Criminals often look in obvious locations like a bedroom, living room, and even bathrooms and steal things from their victims in plain sight, including any items on desks and dinner table. What burglars don’t have time for is a thorough investigation to see what is and isn’t a diversion safe. There’s no time for them to unscrew the lid of a drink container or check out outdoor items when they’re in a hurry to steal something.

Fool Your Thieves, Not Yourself

When placing a diversion safe in your home, make sure it’s not an area frequently trafficked, such as putting a soda can in the fridge. This is the most common blunder people make. Despite its inconspicuousness, your secret canned treat can turn from deceitful to an accidental discovery as soon as an associate gets a little hungry or thirsty just to find an unexpected surprise. If you have shady friends or family members, they might find it a bit suspicious for you to have safes of certain products when they know you have allergies.

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