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Animal Repellents

What is an Animal Repellent?

Animal repellents are substances that are used to deter animals from entering or lingering in an area. These repellents can be used to protect yourself from an animal attack. Animal repellents come in a variety of forms, including sprays, and granules. Animal repellents are used to repel animals from attacking you by messing with their senses of sight, sound, taste, and/or smell.

What types of animal repellents are there?

Dog Spray

Dog spray is a type of animal control product that is designed to deter dogs from attacking. Repellent spray typically contains active ingredients such as hot pepper flakes, cinnamon oil, powdered peppers, and other natural ingredients that are unpleasant to dogs. Since dogs rely on their sense of smell this is an ideal repellent for extra protection from undesirable animal attacks. Effective repellent sprays effect animal’s sense of smell, sight, and taste with their natural ingredients. An additional product to consider for some extra protection with repellent spray is an ultrasonic repellent.

Bear Deterrent

Bear deterrents are substances that are designed to deter bears from entering an area. These repellents typically contain ingredients such as ammonia, garlic, and hot pepper that are unpleasant to bears but safe for humans and other animals. Bears have a natural aversion to those active ingredients making the bear spray that much more effective. Bear deterrents can be used in areas where bears may cause damage or threaten human safety.

What are the laws and legalities of Animal Repellents?

The laws and legalities of animal repellents vary from state to state. In some states, it is illegal to use certain types of animal repellents, such as animal repellent sprays, at least those containing chemicals or poisons. Additionally, some states have restrictions on the type of animal repellent that can be used in certain areas, such as near schools or public parks. It is important to stay up to date on your local laws and regulations regarding bear sprays to keep safe.