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Pepper Sprays

What is pepper spray?

Pepper spray usually comes packaged in an aerosol or spray container. Oleoresin capsicum (OC) is the primary ingredient in most types of pepper sprays. This comes from plants in the species Capsicum annuum which includes chili peppers. Capsaicin’s, which give chili pepper its flavor and pungency, are found in pepper spray, which is then designed to have a much higher levels of capsaicin than chilis.
It’s important to carry pepper spray if you’re going out. Pepper spray should be used appropriately, but it’s good to have just in cases when danger might approach.

Pepper sprays are ideal for self defense because they’re small enough to conceal easily and because they’re easy to transport. Our products include pepper sprays that attach to your keychain, so you can keep them close at hand without taking up too much space. They’re also compact enough to fit into a safe pocket or clip onto your car visor.

Concealing lightweight pepper spray is simple and can be stored easily in a purse or handbags so no one knows you’ve got it on your person.

All of our pepper spray containers come with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental spraying which come in the form of either a twist nozzle, flip top or a simple cap.

Because pepper spray contains capsaicin, which causes severe pain when applied to skin, it has an extremely high Scoville Heat Units (SHU) rating.

Physical effects

Pepper spray is a lacrimator, meaning it’s a tear-producing substance. Not only that but it can make it difficult to breath and causes eyes to close due their veins swelling causing temporary blindness. Some people describe a bubbling or boiling sensation and severe discomfort.

Aside from coughing, wheezing and temporary blindness, other unpleasant effects include: throat burning, chest pain, gagging, runny nose, disorientation, inability to speak. 

Painful though they may be, the symptoms usually aren’t long lasting and won’t cause permanent harm however it is possible for rashes, blisters, or burns to happen on contact with the skin.

Coughs or shortness of breath can persist for a much longer time in people who suffer from lung diseases. Those suffering from illnesses such as Asthmatic bronchitis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) might feel worse than others. Cyanotic episodes may occur when pepper spray causes a sudden constriction of the airways, which reduces blood circulation and oxygen delivery.


Pepper spray comes in an assortment of styles. There’s pepper spray for designed for joggers; equipped with a strap to help keep a secured grip in your hand as you make your morning laps. Some sprays come in the form of gel which really causes the spray to stick to the attackers. Some pepper spray is even equipped with a UV dye to help police identify attackers.¬†

Laws & Restrictions 

Peppered sprays can be bought over the counter in most places, but some states restrict their sale. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with your local laws and restrictions before purchasing pepper spray. Need a direct shot? Go with a spray, but if you need a more open range when spraying then try a fogger model