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Mace® Pepper Gel


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45 Grams, 79 grams

The Mace Brand 80535 and 80570 Pepper Gel with UV dye come fully equipped with the latest in pepper gel technology to provide superior protection at a safe distance. Mace Pepper Gel is a patented formulation of pepper spray which is suspended in a Gel instead of a liquid stream. This results in several advantages, including; Longer range delivery, Stronger pepper concentration, Non-Flammable, Sticks like glue and Less contamination on the surrounding area. In addition, the 80535 and 80570 contain an invisible UV dye which helps aid in suspect identification later on. The ergonomic design of this pepper gel also allows for a natural draw so you can quickly defend yourself when faced with an attack. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or your family while traveling; rely on the trusted protection of Mace Brand!

Product Features:

– Patented pepper gel formulation results in longer range delivery than traditional sprays

– Contains strong & effective pepper concentrate to help disable an attacker

– Non-flammable formula increases safety without compromise.

– Gel sticks like glue after contact reducing contaminants lingering in the air

– Included UV dye aids law enforcement identification

– Ergonomic design allows for natural draw from holster or pocket

– Quick release key chain kit available as additional accessory

– Includes belt/holster mounting bracket for easy storage & quick access