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Mace® Pepper Gun Holster

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Weight 0.17 lbs

The MACE Pepper Gun 80105 is a durable protection device for users looking to stay safe in uncertain situations. It has 7 short burst shots at a range of up to 25 feet and is equipped with an ultra-bright LED canister light to help locate targets in the dark, making it ideal for home security, campers, hikers and more. The pepper gun comes with a sturdy black nylon holster designed with a snap closure and belt loop for easy access and comfort, so you can have peace of mind wherever you go.

Product Features:

– Ultra-Bright LED Canister Light

– Sturdy black nylon holster with snap closure, belt loop

– 7 shots per cartridge with target effective range of up to 25′

– Compact design allows you to bring your pepper gun anywhere

– Powered by CO2 cylinder cartridge (not included)

– Flashing disabling mode when hit

– Aim assist helps keep shot accuracy high