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Wildfire™ 1.4% MC Pepper Spray Fogger


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Weight 0.4 lbs

4 oz, 9 oz Fire Master, 16 oz Fire Master, 16 oz Pistol Grip

WildFire Flip Top Pepper Spray Stream is the ideal choice for personal protection. The advanced 2 oz pepper spray provides a 1.4% MC (Major Capsaicinoids) concentration that delivers maximum stopping power, causing an attacker pain and making breathing difficult, while swelling the veins in the eyes and closing them. The WildFire formula also contains a UV identifying dye to aid in identifying an attacker after being sprayed. Its flip top actuator ensures quick and easy use with one hand, providing approximately 18-20 one second bursts over 13-15 ft – perfect for carrying on hip or in purse. Additionally, the WildFire series offers larger foggers ranging from 9 oz up to 16 oz sizes with varying range of 20 ft and number of bursts from 38 to 75 one second sprints respectively. Get reliable protection with WildFire pepper spray!

Product Features:

– Maximum stopping power; at 1.4 % MC (Major Capsaicinoids).

– Contains a UV identifying dye to help identify assailant after being sprayed.

– Flip top actuator allows quick and easy use with just one hand – great for carrying on hip or in purse.

– Available in multiple sizes: 2oz flip top actuator pepper spray stream, 4oz Fogger, 9oz Fire Master Fogger, 16oz Fire Master Flogger & 16oz Pistol Grip Fogger.

– Range varies from 13ft – 25ft depending on size purchased (2oz 13-15ft; 4oz 13 – 15ft; 9oz 20ft; 16oz 20ft).

– Number of five second bursts varies from 18 – 75 per can depending on size purchased (2 oz 18 – 20; 4 oz38; 9 oz 55; 16 oz75).